London - November 2018
Manchester - November 2018

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A positive day packed with practical, hands-on workshops and inspirational keynotes, this event will provide you with the confidence, skills and techniques to support all students with mental health difficulties in your school. Join leading mental health experts and high-quality practitioners and gain valuable guidance and skills to make a real difference to students affected by mental health difficulties.

Whilst Theresa May’s recent mental health pledges are welcomed, diminishing external support have resulted in more and more responsibility falling on your shoulders.

Are you confident you and your colleagues have the resources, skills and confidence to provide your pupils with the support they require?

What can I expect on the day?

Gain techniques and strategies taken from therapeutic approaches to help students manage their anxiety and stress.

New ideas to help build students’ resilience, equipping them with the skills and confidence to cope with the challenges they face.

Whole-school support
Develop a school-wide culture which provides proactive support to all pupils suffering from mental health difficulties.

This event is the only place where you’ll gain access to a multitude of practical sessions alongside takeaway resources before, during, and after the event to ensure continuous support.

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