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Digital conference - 16/24/30 Nov & 8 Dec

Four digital modules from 3pm to 5pm




Girls on Board is an approach used by schools that empowers girls to resolve their friendship issues for themselves. This multi-award winning initiative has been adopted by over 160 schools across the UK, helping teachers to reduce workload and be more effective.

For more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Andrew Hampton on 07921068058.

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iSPACE Wellbeing is the first mental health and wellbeing curriculum for schools and children 4-13. We help children live life well.
The iSPACE Wellbeing curriculum provides a fun, child-friendly framework and a common language to help conversations about emotions, mental health and wellbeing become part of the fabric of everyday life. It offers a preventative approach to mental wellbeing, including who and how to ask for help. iSPACE Wellbeing is a complete curriculum solution including teacher training, ready to go lesson plans and materials, and a supporting toolkit; making mental and emotional wellbeing a subject schools can embrace with confidence as part of PSHE.

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Magic Behaviour Management Ltd supports schools and families to implement practical, manageable ways to modify childrens’ behaviour via a bespoke approach which meets the varying needs of children and young people. Magic Behaviour Management Ltd provide advice and strategies based on extensive knowledge and understanding, which modifies children and young people’s behaviour through training, group and/or individual cases. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us but also what makes us successful, as we carefully take each individual young person or setting and provide tailored strategies through a custom-fit programme to match individual needs, which is assured to have a significant impact. We are the new wave, for new needs.

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Speak to Sarah-Jane about how to inspire your teams, support your staff and pupils and help your families understand, support and celebrate difference, remove barriers to achievement and live with more joy. Combining strategic leadership in autism and SEND, research-led strategies and practical tools and tips, Sarah-Jane brings a wealth of wide-ranging professional expertise and personal experience to bear on the issues you face.  As a speaker, Sarah-Jane Critchley will change the way you see and work with autistic young people and adults, she covers a very wide range of topics, so please ask for what you need. As a consultant, she will help support your good practice and level up to the next stage by finding practical actionable solutions you can use right away. As a coach she combines technical expertise with a passion for self-improvement and helping individuals to grow and recognise their particular strengths as they work through the things that matter to them most.

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