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Digital conference - 16/24/30 Nov & 8 Dec

Four digital modules from 3pm to 5pm



Module one: Building a community that supports good mental health (Monday 16 November)

Rebuilding learning: re-connection and resilience

Supporting children and young people's mental health in trying times

  • Unpack the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children and young people's mental health
  • Gain practical strategies for supporting reconnection and resilience
  • Develop positive mental health among your whole school community

Professor Neil Humphrey, Professor of Psychology of Education, University of Manchester 

Hear from Neil about his session

Working with families

Understand the latest advice on how to communicate with families, improve parental engagement, and foster positive relationships

Nicola S Morgan, NSM Training and Consultancy 

SEND Wellbeing

Learn how best to assist the mental health and wellbeing of students with special educational needs and disabilities. 

  • Unpack why young people with special educational needs and disabilities are statistically at higher risk of suffering with a mental health issue
  • Gain new ideas to support students with SEND with their mental health
  • Empower these students to manage their own mental health

Samantha Garner, Garner Education Services

Hear from Sam about her session