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Digital conference - 16/24/30 Nov & 8 Dec

Four digital modules from 3pm to 5pm



Module three: Exploring trauma and resilience (Monday 30 November)

Creating a safe space

Understanding containment - physical and emotional - has to come before implementing behaviour strategies for children and young people with SEMH needs. It is where a person receives and understands the emotional communication of another without being overwhelmed by it, thus helping young people to reduce anxiety and self regulate. Too often we begin to implement behaviour management strategies that are unable to be sustained long term, due to the absence of the knowledge and implementation of containment.

  • An explanation of physical and emotional containment
  • How containment helps children and young people to regulate

Watch Marie and Katie introduce their session

Marie Gentles, Co-Director Magic Behaviour Management

Katie L'Aimable, Co-Director Magic Behaviour Management


Learn more about how trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and attachment theory impact on pupil mental health

Watch Lisa introduce her session

Lisa Wisher,Therapist, Trainer and Adopter

Supporting transition and building resilience 

Recognise how to build students’ resilience, identify and explore their worries about moving to secondary school, and gain possible solutions

Watch Alice introduce her session

Alice Newton-Leeming, Founder, Mental Health Learning