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Manchester - 12 November 2019
London-  19 November 2019


Streamed Sessions 1


1A: Staff Wellbeing

Create a school culture that removes the stigma from staff mental health and gain new methods to help promote positive staff wellbeing.

Liz Bates, Education Consultant

1B: Community

Know to how to create a whole community approach to mental health and work together between the school, parents, wider community and students to support positive mental health.

Caroline Hounsell, Ambassador and National Trainer, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England

 1C: Suicide Prevention

Gain the skills and confidence to talk to young people about suicide, understanding the language to use and the appropriate support you can provide.

Alice Newton-Leeming, Founder of ‘Mental Health Learning

Gain access to our guide on helpful things to say to young people who have been affected by suicide.

 1D: Early Help

Gain proven methods to provide early help to students who do not meet the thresholds and help combat the lack of external support.

Kate O'Connor, Headteacher, Lessness Heath Primary School

Kelly Hannaghan, Wellbeing Lead, Lessness Heath Primary School

1E: Resilience 

Develop students' resilience, enabling them to 'bounce back' from difficult experiences and cope with challenges.

Samantha Garner, Education Consultant