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Manchester - 12 November 2019
London-  19 November 2019


Streamed Sessions 2

14:10 - 15:00

2A: Exam Stress

How to support students with exam time stress, helping them to develop healthy coping mechanisms and manage exam realted anxiety.

Samantha Garner, Education Consultant

 2B: Online

Learn to talk to students about social media, how it doesn't reflect reality and gain new methods to highlight the impact of online bullying.

Matthew Crawford, CEO, Embark Federation

 2C: Body Image

Learn how to confidently discuss body image and the unrealistic expectations from social media, providing meaningful support and helping to build self-esteem.

Plus, read our article on promoting positive language and thinking.

Includes a USB with body confidence resources from the Dove Self-Esteem Project

Martin Staniforth, Dove Self-Esteem Project Catalyst

 2D: Trauma

Understand the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on a child's wellbeing and know how to provide the targeted support needed.

Nicola S Morgan, Education Consultant, NSM Training and Consultancy

 2E: Early Years Wellbeing

Learn how to promote positive health and wellbeing in your early years setting and provide each child with practical tools to manage their emotions.

Therese Hoyle, Education Consultant, Coach and Trainer