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Manchester - 11 November 2020
London -  24 November 2020



London - 24 November 2020

 1A: Anxiety

Hear why your students may be struggling with anxiety, explore the biology and key developmental stages of anxiety and gain strategies to help support anxious students

Sharon Gray, OBE NLE

1B: Supporting girls with autism

Top tips and strategies to recognise and support the mental health of girls with autism

Professor Barry Carpenter, OBE, CBE, PhD

 1C: Emotion coaching and early wellbeing

Gain tools such as emotion coaching to enhance the wellbeing of EYFS and primary children

Paula Talman, Founder of iSpace Wellbeing

1D: Self-harm and harmful behaviours

Understand more about why students self-harm, the language you can use to support students and their families, and gain strategies to share with your whole school

Alice Newton-Leeming, Founder, Mental Health Learning

Clinical consultant psychologist Dr Silver discusses growing trends in mental health issues and provides strategies for getting the most out of work with other agencies.

Dr Emma Silver, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust


2A: SEND Wellbeing

Learn from experts on how best to assist the mental health and wellbeing of students with special educational needs and disabilities

Samantha Garner, Garner Education Services

2B: Friendship resilience and self-esteem

How to support students to recognise and resolve friendships issues and develop resilience and self-esteem

2C: Trauma

Learn more about how trauma, adverse childhood experiences, and attachment theory impact on pupil mental health

Nicola S Morgan, NSM Training and Consultancy 

 2D: Supporting transition and building resilience

Recognise how to build students’ resilience, identify and explore their worries about moving to secondary school, and gain possible solutions

Alice Newton-Leeming, Founder, Mental Health Learning


3A: Bereavement and grief

Benefit from expert knowledge to best support the mental health and wellbeing of students affected by bereavement

Julie Johnson, Pathways

 3B: Working with families

Understand the latest advice on how to communicate with families, improve parental engagement, and foster positive relationships

Nicola S Morgan, NSM Training and Consultancy 

 3C: Children missing education

Support children who are missing from education, strategies for helping reintegration and reducing anxiety or school avoidance

Marie Gentles, Co-Director Magic Behaviour Management

Katie L'Aimable, Co-Director Magic Behaviour Management