logo mental health and well being

Manchester - 11 November 2020
London -  24 November 2020



Streamed Sessions 1

12:10 - 13:00

1A: Self-harm and harmful behaviours

Understand more about why students self-harm, the language you can use to support students and their families, and gain strategies to share with your whole school

1B: Supporting girls with autism

Top tips and strategies to recognise and support the mental health of girls with autism

Professor Barry Carpenter

 1C: Early Years

Gain tools such as emotion coaching to enhance the wellbeing of Early Years and Foundation Stage students

 1D: Parental mental health

Learn how parents' mental health impacts children and ways in which you can support both child and parent together

1E: What if...

Unpack case studies and gain  strategies on how to support young people suffering from mental ill health