London - 8 November 2017
Manchester - 23 November 2017


Psychotherapist and Body Image Specialist

Holli Rubin square

Holli has been working tirelessly engaged in initiatives to raise awareness of body image and provide a platform for girls and boys to begin to understand their relationship with their own bodies and to ultimately live comfortably in them. A prominent body-image specialist, Holli contributes to several government projects including the All-Party Parliamentary Group campaign on Body Image. Her insight and experience is helping drive change at a national level so that body image education becomes part of a bigger conversation. Holli continues to engage Government in the idea that early intervention is essential in order for body image problems to cease endangering the lives of boys and girls.

Teaching is her passion and she does so by training trainers in the areas of mental wellbeing. In her private practice she works across the generations through individual and family therapy encouraging conversation with an aim to bring mutual understanding and  families closer together. A working mother of 3, Holli fully understands the complexities, expectations and anxieties that often accompany 21st Century London life. Her combination of compassion, understanding and experience enable her to make a positive difference in the lives of her clients.


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