London - 8 November 2017
Manchester - 23 November 2017


Managing Director, eSafe Global

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Mark Donkersley is Managing Director of eSafe Global, an international behaviour monitoring service working within the education sector.  

 eSafe currently monitors around 700,000 students and staff in the UK - to provide schools and college leaders with the early warning of safeguarding risk.

 The unique insight into the behaviour and ‘health’ of young people means that Mark is a regular speaker on the subject of safeguarding:

-          He has provided evidence to HM Government Select Committees in the Commons and Lords on the identification of mental health in young people and the benefits of the digital environment as a source of safeguarding markers.

-          He has delivered briefing sessions on monitoring behaviour in schools to Federal and State politicians, senior Police and the e-safety Commissioners Office in Australia.



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