Sharon Gray OBE

Sharon Gray OBE has 28 years' experience working with children, workforce and systems levels, including having been a Head for 20 years (14 leading SEMH residential units and special schools and 6 as Head of a larger than average mainstream school with enhanced provision for children excluded from other settings). An Ofsted inspector for 9 years, Sharon is also a co-opted member of ‘engage in their future’ - representing special schools nationally for young people experiencing severe SEMH difficulties. A member of the Youth Justice board, she is part of the strategic overview project lead of education in custody and the development of its first secure school. Her work and purpose is in taking a systemic approach to help adults, teams, school, communities and local authorities to create environments that enrich the emotional well-being, creativity and learning of children and young people. The focus is to release a child’s innate desire to learn and discover joy in learning thereby achieving the best possible outcomes. Working with staff, Sharon aims to enable and facilitate transformational working practices in mainstream and specialist settings, with vulnerable children, young adults and their families, who face multiple challenges, including, mental health difficulties, inequality, poverty, challenging behaviour and addiction. Sharon's philosophy is one of authentic inclusion - aiming for everyone within the community she works with to see themselves as a responsible and vital part of securing positive outcomes for all and working systemically to enable everyone to be a successful leader and a lifelong learner.