London | 10 November 2022


Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools returns to London so you can learn, in-person, from mental health experts and leading practitioners with vital experience. Bolster your wellbeing provision to ensure that you have a culture that cares.

Morning Keynotes

  • Engaging parents and carers.
  • Recognise and reduce anxiety.

Afternoon Keynotes

  • Staff wellbeing panel discussion.
  • A culture of wellbeing.


Workshop Choices 1

Mental health lead

Add new techniques to your toolkit to deepen your impact as a mental health lead.

Resilient learners

Benefit from methods that enhance your students’ ability to respond to adversity and improve outcomes.

Wellbeing curriculum

Work to change cultures and mindsets and evidence your impact.


Workshop Choices 2

Healthy student relationships

Help your students refine their communication skills, understand how to build rapport, and appreciate different viewpoints with tested techniques.


Better support at-risk students and gain confidence to recognise and respond to visible and hidden signs of their struggle.

SEND wellbeing

Gain positive resources to embed across your school and ensure suitable provision is provided to all students.


Workshop Choices 3

Body image

Discuss body image with confidence and build self-esteem in your students.

Empower staff

Ensure as a leader that staff are equipped and enabled to play their part in a whole-school culture of wellbeing.

Near-peer support

Use relatable voices in your wellbeing provision, and leave with techniques to effectively engage students in shaping your ethos.