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Manchester | 23 November 2021

London | 25 November 2021



Manchester programme (23 November 2021)

Understand what has changed over the pandemic and how to approach mental health as we move forward

Sam Garner, Mental Health Consultant

Learn practical methods of providing a support structure for your colleagues

Nina Jackson, SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

Facilitated roundtable discussions and a focus on developing strategies for installing a culture and curriculum of wellbeing in your school, from SLT, to all staff and every student.

1A: Staff wellbeing

Cultivate a culture at your school that makes staff mental health a priority; remove stigma and obtain new methods to help promote positive staff wellbeing

Grace Kelly, Teacher, Leader, Education Consultant

1B: Anxiety

Develop strategies to support students who are anxious and worried for their future

Nina Jackson, SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

1C: Body image

Gain confidence when discussing body image and the real-life effects of the virtual world and learn how to build self-esteem in your students

Sam Garner, Mental Health Consultant

2A: Mental health crisis recognition

Recognise when someone might be struggling, and respond effectively to mental health crises in person and in digital spaces

2B: Self-harm and suicidal ideation

Gain confidence in how to spot the signs of self-harming behaviour and strategies to support students at risk of suicide

Nina Jackson, SEND, Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant

2C: Early preventative support

Benefit from tools and practical strategies to support your students' wellbeing

Charlotte Baldwin, Engagement Officer, Bloom
Lauren Quigley, Engagement Officer, Bloom

3A: Developing mental toughness

Take away practical strategies and approaches to support students in responding to stress, pressure and challenge

Paul Trainor, Managing Director, Positive Synergy Ltd.

3B: Lego therapy

An introduction on how to use LEGO bricks to support neurodivergent children and young people needing extra support with social communication and friendships

Abigail Dodson, Practitioner, Play Included CIC

3C: Regulating emotions

Equip yourself with language and trauma-informed responses to help children begin to understand and self-regulate their emotions

Learn how to act, not just react, to mental health issues, and leave with an important message and the means to feel positive about your school's approach.